Your Story, Your Choice.

Your Story your choice in the balance.  Mindset in communication coaching

Do you want your new normal to be like your old normal?

Do you want to do different things?

Are there some things in your life you appreciate more?

Very soon we are going to be carving out our day to day life again, in a space where many of us have been re-thinking what we want our lives to be like.  It is an opportunity to make some changes and move life along in the direction we choose.

We choose our life.

This is important to remember; that we choose our life.  If we have been rotting in a job for 25 years we choose to rot.  We may have chosen that job thinking it was the best job in the world, but when it became soul destroying, we chose not only to stay, but to let the job become soul destroying.

It was us that chose to rot.  We may not have chosen the circumstances, in this instance a job turning bad, but we do choose how we deal with it.  It is us that choose to accept it as it is and label it soul destroying.  We could choose to accept it and label it as an unchallenging option, a safe option or anything else that you feel good about.

Our Stories.

It is the same with our emotions, we can accept the stories we tell ourselves to keep us where we are, or we can re-write them to fit the journey we want to undertake.  For example, you may tell yourself you do not speak as no-one wants to listen.  The reality is no-one is listening because you do not speak, or when you do speak it comes out as an apology.

You can change that story, and by changing your story you will speak so people listen.  In this instance you can find an alternative story, for example turning the no-one wants to hear me speak, into I have something to say.  Like writing an essay at school you then have to evidence it.

Find things that back up what you say.  When were the times you were listened to?  What happened when you did have something to say?

Finally, you have to keep making evidence for the new story.  Telling yourself it is new is not enough.  Little actions like saying “good morning” when you walk into the office or having a break with a colleague rather than on your own, will keep reminding you of your new story.  You don’t want your new normal to be old normal.

If you want to find out what stories are holding you back, then book a 30-minute clarity call and we re-write your history together

Remember last weeks blog showed how two different camps reacted to the situation….which camp are you in.

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