You Can Have Anything You Wish For…You Have to Pay the Tariff

Some self-help books talk about how you can have everything, just like the guys on the cover stood in glossy suits, next to sports cars with a house in somewhere exotic. Other sages will say that you must work within your scope. Strange thing is both are true.

You may think it impossible for the total opposites to be true but as with everything it all lies in the middle. In the grey, which is not colourful or exciting, not sexy nor does it sell books. It is not sensationalist, but the results are sensational.

I can remember once watching a tv show where someone who had written a motivational book said to the host (an American ultra-masculine jock type) something along the lines of you have to accept your limits, you could not be a ballet dancer. Then you remember there are dancers missing limbs, downs syndrome models and an actress/comedienne with cerebral palsy. These people obviously did not listen to that guru.

My reaction to the guru saying know your limitations was well would he really want to be a ballet dancer? There was the answer, he did not. He would not work at it, take the pain of the process and he would just not get it. Yet he put a lot of work into his career as a talk show host.

What does this mean to you?

It means you can have what you want, if you are willing to pay the price of having that. That means willing to make the sacrifices, put in the work and make the commitment. It also means you need to be tenacious and devoted to the cause more than to what people think.

In order to be this focussed you need to know why you want it. How you will feel when you get it. How you would feel if you never got it. In short why are you willing to pay the ferryman.  If you don’t know what is your why, then maybe I can help…

So yes you can have anything you wish for…if you are willing to pay for it.





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