Why Do I Need Them To Hear This? Beats Goal-Setting.

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Preparation is everything, whether presenting a proposal in the weekly team meeting, to standing on stage to give a keynote.  What you may not realise though, is that the preparation begins long before you even write your first word, often before you work out your title.  Last week I introduced the idea of four questions to ask yourself as you begin to prepare your speech, and explained why you need to be able to answer the question “Why am I doing this?”  This week I would like to consider the question “Why do I need them to hear this?”

“Why do I need them to hear this?”

What you are trying to do is establish what you would like to happen as a result of the speech, but this is a more of an organic way to approach this than simply goal setting.  This allows you to focus on the experience rather than simply the results.

It is also important to have found the answer to why am I doing this? You will have your career plan and will know what stages you need to go through to achieve this.  This will give you your why.  If it doesn’t then do you really need to put your energy into this speech or would it be best used elsewhere.

If you know this will take you closer to the next stage in your career plan, then you need to establish how this will help you.  That is why we ask this question…why do I need them to hear this?

Asking it this way is also more realistic than setting your goals.  If you set your goals the traditional way by asking what you would like to achieve, you narrow your response to answers that begin with I would like….

Conversely if you ask what do you need them to hear? What you will respond with are outcomes, that are relevant to your audience. For example, you may set the goal to lead the testing on the next campaign.  So, you give your speech with the things you need to do to get the project foremost in your mind.

If you answer the question what do they need to hear? Then it maybe how you can make their lives easier by leading the campaign.  You then write your speech not only to introduce the campaign and its benefits but to also explain why it helps your audience.

This is being clever with your communication.

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