What you feed is what you grow

Which wolf are you feeding



One of my favourite stories is a Native American legend. A tale in which a grandfather tells his adoring grandson that inside of all us are two battling wolves. Wolves are majestic creatures and great warriors and so this is a constant battle, with no surrender. These wolves represent all that is light, good and worthy verses all that is dark, bad and destructive. One wolf is kind and helps us grow. The other wolf is critical and destroys us.

“Grandfather, which one wins?” The young child asks, enthralled by this tale.

“The one you feed.” The grandfather replies, solemnly.


Such a nice way to illustrate the idea that you get what you think. If you think you deserve a good life, to succeed in the way you define and to be happy then you will. If you think you do not deserve what you desire, then you will always stand in your own way.


As we know our thoughts are simply words. To feed the good wolf, we need to speak good words to and about ourselves. If we don’t, we are simply feeding the wolf that stands in our way.


The first step in making your strong inner wolf, the light inner wolf is to know which wolf you are feeding. You need to monitor your inner dialogue. How do you talk about yourself? How do you describe yourself? Are you strong when you speak? Do you apologise, justify or explain yourself? Are you congruent and authentic? In other words, is your communication with yourself and about yourself pure?


Once you know how you refer to and about yourself, then you can change it. What can you do to feed your good wolf?

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