What You Think Is What You Get!

Your thoughts create your reality, because they shape your actions, beliefs and values. A good way to understand your thoughts is to journal. Write them down and review them. Then you can change the things you write. This will change your thoughts. Are you up for a journaling challenge?

I just love those optical illusions where you look at one thing and then it flips and all you can see is something else. There are a lot of them, like the candles/profiles, Tupperware upside down/right way up etc. I guess because they remind me that there is always two ways to look at things, at least.

Why is that important?

Well the way you think about things changes the way you see the world, this changes the way the world sees you too. This then shapes your interactions, which shape your thoughts, which shape your reality.

Let’s try an example. What if you were starting a new job, and your thoughts were about being crippled by nerves, the people did not seem that friendly and you focused on thoughts around maybe you would fall flat on your face. You would go into the office, looking nervous and afraid. You would try to blend into the furniture. In turn this would tell your new colleagues you were not totally capable, and they would not trust you to be capable. A downward spiral of your confidence falling and your perceived confidence falling would ensue.

Conversely if your thoughts were that you were better than the job, you would appear arrogant and your colleagues would not trust you to be fair and honest. This too would be detrimental to your position.

If you were curious, secure in the knowledge of what you can do and willing to be helpful and learn what you do not know, then you will project an air of being a go-to person. Your colleagues would feel comfortable relying on you and be happy to help in return.

Which thoughts would you rather foster?

As a trainer, I have often talked about body language, and how to read a potential client. I always find it amusing that when you bring this up and begin to describe someone with a good posture, everyone begins to sit up straighter in their chair. This energy in the room becomes more dynamic and the audience engage more.

This is because whilst we are busy trying to do what we do, our subconscious is trying to make sense of the world. It does this by reading lots and lots of inputs from the world around us, particularly the people around us. This micro communication is very powerful and forms lots of our conscious thoughts and responses. This is why we may get a feeling about someone, for example. This is also why we sense an atmosphere or feel a sense of euphoria when in a crowd at a concert.

What good is this to us?

Simples, if we control our thoughts we control our lives. There are many ways to change our thought patterns, including journaling, positive re-framing and affirmations. I am a big fan of journaling which is why I devised the 30 day journaling course….are you up to the challenge?

If so why not hop over to the shop and sign up now…either way remember if you want a full life, Focus on the doughnut and not on the hole!

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