Wasting Time is Wasting Life

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Things going according to plan?


For me yes and no. When I planned this blog, it was not quite as poignant as it is now. With the current situation people are scared and people are unfortunately dying of COVID 19. It is very sad, but it also is an important reminder that time is a more precious commodity than money. Quite the opposite mindset to the “Time is money” mantra we are familiar with.


If nothing else this virus should teach us that life is precious and we measure that life in time, so time is precious. Knowing that is it ok to keep putting up with what you no longer want or is it time to show up, step up and speak up for your dreams?


Life is also too precious to bite our tongue when we want to speak up. If there is something you want or want to change, then in order for that to happen you have to speak out.


If you want to get the recognition you deserve in work, the next promotion or to work on that project, you have to show you are up for the challenge. People will only believe in you if you believe in yourself and you talk like you are worthy of that challenge. If you hide away in meetings, biting your tongue then no-one will even think of you as the person to step up. If you are too scared to speak about it then you will be too scared to do it?


The same applies if you want to be a business owner. You can chase your dream and you can have your business, but unless you can tell your prospective clients how you can solve their problem, they are not going to believe you are the answer to their prayers.


That doesn’t mean it is lost to you. What it does mean is that you need to find your voice. You need to have the confidence to tell it to those that need to know. Yes, it can be scary, just like all the exams you sat to get to where you are now. You still sat them. It turned out well. Just like speaking out, it feels scary, but it works out for the best.


You would not buy a pair of shoes from a shop assistant that answered all your questions with a hesitant shrug of the shoulders, or pick the hairdresser that did not ask what you wanted her to do with your hair in the first place.


Ditching the doubt is easier than you think, and I can help you…. I was you once, and now I speak in public for fun.


If you want to know how then book a free 30-minute clarity call and I will give you your first step to speaking out. Don’t waste time waiting, it is your life that you are spending.

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