The one surprising thing that you are not doing, which if you did do, would prove your worth as a leader.

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You are talented and you work hard. You know your company inside out and you know exactly what it needs from you. You know your job and how to add value to your role. You can see easily how some small tweaks could make a lot a difference.

You sit in the meeting room, but they just seem to gloss over your suggestion or worse you run out of time before it is heard. You talk but no one seems to listen. It is like you are invisible.

You keep trying to tell them time and time again how much you can offer, what you can bring to the table and how you can improve your kpi’s. The more you try the less you are heard. So you give up and shut up, then slowly begin to shut down. Demotivated and depressed you stop trying and begin to just go through the motions.

Whether you are leading a team, a project or a company anyone who does not wish to stagnate, wants to be a good leader. It is part of wanting to be your higher self, and to be seen for the gifts you have and the work you do.

Yet you can be seen to be a good leader, by making those small tweaks to yourself first. When I was in my corporate role and I felt totally unheard I wish someone had told me that I need to just do this one thing and then I would begin to show myself as management material.

When you beginning to feel deterred as you are not being heard, book that meeting with the project leader, your manager or whoever it is that needs to listen. Yes, be prepared. Yes, set your intention. Those are a given but what happens next is what 90% of people forget to do and I bet you do to.

When you set your intentions, are crystal clear on your desired outcome and know exactly where your boundaries need to be set – Get equally clear on exactly what this means to the other person, how they will feel hearing this, how they will feel seeing this in action. Know not only what benefit it will bring to them, but what that benefit will mean in the long term to everyone, and how good that will make your manager feel.

People don’t remember what you said, they remember how you made them feel. This is the key to persuasive communication. With practice it can become a part of your communication style naturally.

I really want you to feel listened to and excited, not dejected and ready to quit like I did. So to help you speak up to step up I am offering a free 30 minute coaching call with 2 promises…the first is that this call will be about you, no hard sell, but focus on you and your communication. The other promise is that we will find you, your first next step. I guarantee you will have at least one action to take you in the right direction.

To book your call, click on the link and arrange a time to discover the first step to finding your powerful communication style.


  1. I love your advice about setting your intentions and getting clear on your desired outcomes and how your audience will feel and benefit, Jewels. It’s akin to visualising and if you can see it with clarity, you can achieve it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Claudia
      I aim to serve, and intentions are so powerful, shame they are used so much with out intent….ie if only…..
      Loving your group too.

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