The Four Questions

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When you take on the challenge to speak up, be it in a meeting or from a stage, you need to prepare.  Instantly most of you will think of sitting down and writing your speech, which is important, but before you do that there are four questions you need to be clear on in your own mind.  Only then will you have the motivation and impact you need.

In the course of the next four weeks we will tackle those questions so by the end of summer you will be ready to return to work and hit them with your smarts.

The first of the questions is Why are you doing this?

If you read in the self-development arena you will often hear people talk about finding your why…which is easier said than done.  Don’t let the complexity of this put you off as it is of infinite importance.

Often when tackling this question, we look too far forward or not far forward enough.  In this instance this makes it difficult to connect with the why.  It is important for our confidence to connect with our reason for doing this.  If we do not connect then there will be no motivation and it could lead to a lack of clarity, confidence or both.   This is when overwhelm can seep in.

How do you find your why?

Put simply, we ask ourselves.  If it was that easy, we would all be doing it, and there would not be a thousand articles like this telling us to find our why.  First, do you have a five-year, one-year and six-month career plan?

If you do, then ask yourself if your presentation will help you to achieve this and how.  This will help you find your motivation to speak.

It is important when you plan your speech that you know why you are doing it and what results you want to achieve. If you do not know this then you may write a brilliant speech but completely waste your time.

If you do not have a career plan, then this is where you need to begin.  What do you want your life to look like in five years’ time?  What steps do you need to take you there?  You may need help in planning this and I would highly recommend it is something you do with someone that does not have a vested interest in your career progression.  In a clarity call we can begin to unlock what direction you want to take your career.


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