Taking Stock – What You See Is What You Get

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It’s funny how since Covid-19 there has been two distinct camps…Those that are taking stock, looking at their life and hoping for something better for themselves or the environment.  These are also the volunteers in the community taking care of others, or simply sharing a smile when the world is beginning to look grim.

Then there are those that are sat at their net curtains twitching, worrying what everyone else is doing. These are the ones posting on social media about all the times Mrs Curtis in the village walked her dog, and was that within the rules?

Long before this little bug hit the world was already split into these two camps, which are split on mindset.  The first has an abundance mindset and the second a scarcity mindset.

What has this got to do with communication and getting your voice heard?

Everything.  With the right mindset you can face your fears, deal with the outcomes of our actions and do what we need to move forward.  If we have an abundance mindset, we will take little risks, because we know there is enough for us to be ok.  We believe we can thrive.

Conversely with a scarcity mindset we will be prone to worry, anxiety and constant comparisons to others.  This is reflected in how we speak to others and how others speak to us.

This is why what you think about is what you get. There is a saying “you can focus on the doughnut or the hole” and it is true if I took a photograph of the hole in a doughnut that is what you would see.  If I took a photograph of the doughnut, the hole would still be there, but you would react to it as part of a yummy treat.

This is also how you would talk to people.  If you were looking at the hole you would tell someone what is missing, without any solution or ideas to deal with this.  If you were looking at the doughnut you may tell someone it is calorific and not to touch it, but you would still be pointing out to someone there is a yummy treat on the plate.

How different does that sound?

There is an empty plate, there is nothing or there is a sugary treat.  Think about when people talk to you, how does it feel when someone says, “there is no….” compared to someone saying, “there is no…. but we can….”

Then think about how you respond to each of those.  This is why communication is infinitely easier with an abundance mindset.  It is not magic, it is psychology.

It is also why what we think becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If we think we will get a bad response, we often do.  If we think we will get a good response, even if we do not achieve the commitment or outcome we were looking for, we still get a good response.

So if you need some help identifying the gremlins in your mindset, you want help taking stock or just want to know how you can talk to people and get the outcome you crave, then book a free 30 minute clarity call now.

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