Suddenly Everyone Listens?

What to do with your hands and other body language tips....hands connecting communication.

Have you ever wondered why some people stand in front of the audience and suddenly everyone listens?  Do you think that could never be you? Wrong.  It is easy to adopt an air of authority as easy as putting on a cape. It is all in the way you move…and here are 5 tips to get you presenting powerfully in no time.

  1. Stand like you mean it.

Whether you need to walk to the spotlight or simply stand up, how you do this will is an ideal opportunity to tell the audience you know your stuff.  Think about it, would you believe someone that shuffled onto the stage with their head bowed?  Possibly, but they would have to grab your attention first.

Now if someone struts to the microphone, or stands up with purpose, a smile and looks directly out to their audience, do you believe them? Absolutely. They speak and suddenly everyone listens.

What you need to do is stand tall, look directly to the audience and be warm.  Then you will exude confidence and your audience will love you.


  1. Look the audience in the eye.

As I mentioned in tip 1, look confident and you will be believed, part of this is where you look.  Again, if you see someone that will not hold your eye contact then at best you think they are unsure and at worst you think they are lying or untrustworthy.

This also does not mean stare at them, as this will make you appear either robotic, ill or plain scary.

You do need to sweep your audience’s eyes.  Glancing into the eyes of each audience member in turn.  To do this naturally, do not scan the audience side to side, but rather glance at the audience in sections.

Personally, I follow a W shape, as I change sentence parts or every few seconds or so.  This is something to practice in your head as you practice your piece, until you get it spot on.  When you have it you will feel it.  It will make you feel connected to your audience, just as it makes your audience feel connected to you.

  1. Do not fidget.

This sounds obvious, but you would not believe how many seasoned speakers I have seen put their hands in their pockets and jingle their keys or twist their hair absently as they spoke.  Whilst it may not be disastrous, it does distract the audience and make it harder for them to be rapt by you.

If you need to put your hair up or put your keys on your chair.  Do not wear clothes with pockets.  Avoidance is key.

Another one is to bounce or rock backwards and forwards on your legs.  Don’t. Instead plant yourself firmly and keep still.

  1. Move.

I know this is the opposite of keep still but using your space and natural gestures are important in connecting to your audience.  You can work on your stage craft and give yourself movements or you can add in gestures at particular points.  This should be part of your practice.

  1. Use body language to remember your lines.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone you can build gestures, movement and actions into your speech.  It could be as subtle as to point to a graphic, or as deliberate as to walk across the stage or bang a table.  The only rules are to keep it appropriate to the content, context and audience.

Once you have scripted some body language into your work, you can use it to help you memorise what you are going to say.  It helps the brain to remember your lines as it is easier to remember a movement and words together.  Win-win.


Bonus tip.

When you stand tall, look the audience in the eye and manage your movement there is one piece of work left to do…. smile.

A smile makes you look warm, friendly and confident.  Suddenly everyone listens, they pay attention and love you.


If you want help in making your presentations amazing, book a chat and we can work out how I can help.


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