Two Questions So Your Speaking Hits The Right Spot

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You have been asked to speak in a meeting, to address a group or to pitch a proposal so you get writing. You need to remember though that the preparation begins well before the pen hits the paper. This is why I have created four questions that you can ask yourself to ensure your speaking hits the right spot.

The first question is probably one you ask yourself a lot when faced with this task, I know I have in the past…that is “Why am I doing this?”  Although you may want to be flip about this question actually it is important to answer it honestly as the previous blog suggests.

The second question is a little more obtuse and you need to ask, “why do I need my audience to hear this?” This question is a different way to explore the goals of this talking exercise and the benefits of considering it this way are outlined in that blog.

My third question is “Why do the audience need to hear this?”

At first glance you may think it is the same question, but there is a difference in focus.  By following this process, you can set goals that meet both the criteria of you and your audience.  This is a much more servant way of approaching the task, especially when you are nervous.

Firstly, by asking the first question you will align your outcomes with your audience making it easier to appeal to them.  This then builds upon that to ask what do your audience need to make your goals happen? Or Why do the audience need to hear this?

Imagine you are listening to your manager at a team meeting, your managers goal is to improve productivity and has been given the key performance indicators of reducing sick absence, reducing time taken to produce reports and improve upon lateness.  How often would this sound like a lecture if it were your manager there?

Conversely, think how much more engaged with this goal would you be if your manager asked you what do you need to reduce stress, what do you need to happen to improve reporting times and how do you find your working hours?  If your manager had asked these questions, then responded with how you need to move forward together, do you think his speaking hits the right spot and you would be more likely to help them meet their goals?

This is clever communication.  If you would like to know how to make your communication work for you…. book a clarity call. I promise you will have one action to make your message more impactful.

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