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You have been asked to speak in a meeting, to address a group or to pitch a proposal so you get writing. You need to remember though that the preparation begins well before the pen hits the paper. Therefore I have created four questions that you can ask yourself to ensure your speaking hits the right spot.

The first question is probably one you ask yourself a lot when faced with this task, I know I have in the past…that is “Why am I doing this?”  Although you may want to be flip about this question actually it is important to answer it honestly as the previous blog suggests.

The second question is a little more obtuse and you need to ask, “why do I need my audience to hear this?” This question is a different way to explore the goals of this talking exercise and the benefits of considering it this way are outlined in that blog.

My third question is “Why do the audience need to hear this?”  You may think this is the same question, but actually you are asking what are the audience goals from this exercise? Asking the question this way puts you in the audience shoes, so you think in a more empathetic way.  This really helps with nerves as the focus is on them not you.

The final question, is probably the one you would have jumped straight to and that is “What do I need to have happen from this?”

This is simply your goals but asked this way you think both more long term and into the speech itself.

So how do you want the speech to go? Visualise yourself being confident, clear and well received.

How do you want people to feel at the end of the speech? Picture how they applaud you and what they go and do next with this information.

What do you want to happen to you at the end of this presentation? Do you want to be seen differently or for people to do something differently for you?

What are the next steps? Visualise how you will build upon this success.

This series may seem a little repetitive, but by asking the same questions in a different way and in a different order help your brain to get into the right space to prepare to speak to people and have impact.

Now you are ready to write your speech, and to write your future career plan.  If you want some help with getting a career plan into place then book a call….for free….and I will show you how to gain clarity and make your communication clever.

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  1. Great questions, Jewels. Love them.

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