Know What’s a Great Distraction and Focus on the Main Attraction

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What did you do at Easter last year?

This time last year I was in England celebrating a good friend’s wedding. We were gathered in a beautiful garden drinking red fizz. The little market town was heaving and there were tourists everywhere.

That is a very different picture to now. I could not predict these changes and they are global. That does not change the fact that to thrive during this time we need focus, clarity and clear communication.

We need to know what is a distraction and what is the main attraction.

For some it is keeping their focus when working from home, as it is a new experience for them. This may be complicated by no childcare available. With such conflicting demands it really is important to prioritise.

As someone that works in client’s offices, coffee shops and my home office, this is not new to me, but sharing this space with a pre-schooler and my husband is very new. The focus has to be on sharing the responsibility. This also means watching that inside voice.

The little voice that highlights every niggle, every backward step, yet fastidiously ignores your wins. This little voice is not your pure voice. This little voice is one voice that doesn’t need to be listened to as this voice stops your voice from being heard.

This voice says things like, if only he would…., if I had more time…., why won’t she…., when this is over…., when that happens…., It is down to….,

How does this voice make you feel? Powerless? Angry? Resentful? I bet not productive, grateful or energised. This voice is a distraction, and the best way to shut it up is to shift your focus to the main attraction.

  1. Concentrate on your main goals. You may need to do some pre work to prioritise your goals.
  2. Be realistic and pare down where you need to. Delegate if you need. Look for time savings or adjustments to the routine.
  3. Ask yourself what made you want to do this in the first place? Remind yourself of the benefits of your work, salary, colleagues, freedom of being a business owner etc.
  4. Celebrate every single victory, even if it is with a cup of coffee and a custard cream.
  5. Be grateful for how much you have achieved, how much potential you have. Remember it is only a loss if it can never be recovered. We have the potential to do great things and that in itself is great.

Remember this voice feeds of uncertainty, so if you really cannot keep going and fall for every distraction then check your plan is clear. Check you know your goals and why they are your goals – keeping your job is a valid goal, as is spiritual alignment.

If you really have no ideal what your inner voice is telling you, why you cannot focus on your goals or have no idea what to do next….book a free clarity call and I will ensure you leave knowing your next step. After all, to start walking you just need to put one foot in front of the other and who knows where that can lead.

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