Is It Time For A Change?

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There is a lot of talk about a new normal, opening up and second waves. There is a lot of talk about is it time for a change.  The one thing for sure is that there is lots of uncertainty. How do you cope with such a mass insecurity?

Do you ignore it and hope it all works out okay or do you see this as an opportunity to grow?

If you don’t see this as an opportunity, what would it take for you to think about moving forward?

There are a lot of variables that people must consider at the moment, this means they are thinking in problem-solving, flexible ways.  Surely that alone is worth taking advantage of if you want to introduce change into your life?

To implement that change you need to shine.  Whether you want to simply get your point across or want to lead the next project, you must speak up.

Then what happens next?

If you let the fear take hold absolutely nothing, but the best way to beat that fear is to have a plan and to come up with it quickly, before you can talk yourself out of it.

Without a plan you will not make the most of all the actions you take, and leave yourself vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed, unsure, and indecisive.  Exactly the qualities that made you invisible in the first place.

Being clear about what you are going to do, creates a feeling of certainty, that makes it feel safer to act.  It also allows you to break down the tasks and lessen the emotional risks.  The reward for taking a big risk and seeing it work are immense, but if you are in such an adrenalin filled mode you will lose perspective and the slightest knock will throw you off course.  You are much better to take it slow and steady.

You also need to work backwards.

This way you always have the end in sight.  It is worth taking the time now to know exactly what you want to achieve.  To define how you will know you have gotten there and what you want to feel like when you succeed.  Then you can work backwards to identify what stages you need to have gone through to get there, including the people and resources you will need.  Then break it down again even further.  This will give you clarity.

Only when you are clear on it can you communicate it.  This clarity will allow you to talk to those you need to help you move forward and will give you the confidence to say it.

Now make sure you act upon it.  Clarity and action give you the confidence to ask for what you want and to set boundaries, so you do not end up with lots of what you don’t want. Take the opportunity, take the time for a change.

If you need help with setting yourself goals, an action plan or even getting into the right mindset to move forward then book a clarity call and I can help you on your way to a happier career.

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