Has Your New Year Fallen Flat?

New Year a little flat? Champagne flutes clicking.



Happy New Year!!!!


How is it going?  Glad to be back at work?


This year, like many of you, I have never been so happy to see the back of a year.  It has been a strange year with the triple crown of yuk; Brexit, Corona and Trump. At least this year I am glad to be back at work in my business and starting some exciting projects.

It has not always been that way.

This new year took me back to the previous year I was most happy to see the back of. I can remember the anticipation as we prepared to greet the new year.  The dancing inducing a dopamine high, singing and laughing and of course the alcohol.  We were waiting in anticipation as the music stopped and the countdown began.  10, 9, 8….and I could feel the tears beginning to make my eyes glassy, the lump forming in my throat as it does every year. Then the tearful shouty singing as “Auld Lang Syne” began to belt out of the decks.

Then I fell flat. As the hangover kicked in so did the realisation that tomorrow I would be in work.  As I did my beginning of the week houseclean, my stomach slowly began to clench.  A fleeting flitter had started in the pit of my stomach and grew until, by the time I had returned the mop and bucket into the cupboard it was a full-blown fist of fear grabbing my insides and twisting them like a giant stress ball, except its relief was my discomfort.

A sleepless Night.

I tossed and turned all night, feeling anxious and depressed.  The black cloud followed me as I showered, dressed and travelled into the transport depot sales office I worked in.  I was good at my job.  The stats showed I was constantly in the top three salespeople in the country.  Yet my colleagues never saw that in me.  I was quiet and just got on with it.  Unwilling to be a testosterone filled mouth or a blonde accommodating Barbie, Stats being attributed to random chaos, not hard work and talent.  My ideas dismissed if they were even heard at all.  I was completely overshadowed.

As I walked in and smiled happy new year to everyone, no-one had a clue I had decided this could not continue.  No longer able to put up with my wide boy boss, a trilby and cigar away from having a minder called Tel, and his constant putting down my success.  What I needed was to be recognised for my results and able to progress.

I needed a plan

I decided I needed a plan.  There was no-one, as I did not have a coach, I did not know they existed, instead I put together a career plan, similar to a business plan and began to work towards my next move.  It was not the desperate bid for escape I craved, but a thought out, flexible set of steps that took me towards my goal.

To my surprise I did not leave the company but stayed with them for another two years and loved it. It just took some brave steps to get from this role exactly what I needed to move on.

Maybe you need a plan too.

So if you are stuck get a plan and if want some help click here for my template to your own comprehensive step by step career plan.  Then you too can be glad to be back at work.

If that is a little daunting to do on your own then you could  book a free one to one clarity call, where we can find out what you need to set your career on its way.


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