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Welcome to Business Sat Nav from Pure Voice, a guide to preparing a business plan that works.  We aim to give you the tools to make an initial plan, review it and edit it so that it grows with you.  After completing the template you will know exactly where your business is going and what you need to do on a daily basis.  This will help keep you motivated when the going gets tough.  So What are you waiting for click on the link below.





To get the best out of this course take your time.  It takes as long as it takes.  Think about how the information relates to your business, after all you are the only one that really understands your business.  When you work through the exercises there are two critical factors to keep in mind, the numbers and who will use your products.  If you keep these at the core of your business then you will be customer centred and commercial.

Work through the lessons in order, but if you need to refresh or tweak your previous work then do so, but don’t do it too much.  If you are obsessing over small details too much you will loose interest before you are through.  This is designed to keep you on track, so let it make you think, make you pay attention to the details, but also learn to let go of perfectionism.

It is also a good idea, as this is a course you work through alone and at your own pace to find a trusted friend, someone that can guide you, bounce your ideas off and check you are making sense. It is good to find someone you trust, that has things in common with the people that will use your service or has a business themselves. Let them be a guide, but also if your gut instinct is that they are wrong, follow your gut, you can always change it later.

Finally, a business plan is not a static document, and should be reviewed frequently.  It is also best to consider your plan in three ways at first…worse case scenario, dream case scenario and somewhere realistic in the middle.  This is a guide, to you as the owner as to where you will place your attention, what is required and what help is available. It is also a guide to anyone with a stake in your business, for example your bank manager, a potential funder or a joint venture partner as to how you are operating, what your focus and priorities are and what your hope your business will deliver.

This is why your business plan needs to be written in the right language.  Your language should be professional, reflect your client group and be in third party dynamic style.  In other words write it as you would write a C.V.

Hope you have fun while working hard and it would be good to hear your success stories.  Email them to


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What Will You Learn?

  • How to produce an effective business plan, that is flexible enough to change with your needs and is a roadmap for your business journey

Course Content

Mission and Values
This is where we look at the mission statement and value statement section of a business plan.

  • Why Am I Doing This?

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  • Why Am I Doing This? Part 2

Who Am I Doing This For?
Here we will create a sales plan, a roadmap to finding customers, onboarding them and keeping them.

The Company Secretariat
All Businesses need to have structure and administration. This is where we look at the governance and form of your business, the processes and the legal stuff.

The Financials
Every company needs to know its numbers. It is required by law to maintain adequate financial records and this is a baby's guide to doing that.

Writing Your Business Plan
Here you will find a template to insert all your hard work so far into a professional format that will be understood by investors, banks and any one else who has a stake in your business. It will also give you a stress test of the plan.