Clever Comes In Many Different Boxes

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We are buying more online now than ever. It is not unusual at special occasions to have multiple boxes delivered to your home. Some you can tell without looking that they are a book, a cd or shoes. Other boxes require opening to even have a hint. The thing they all have in common is that if they are what you ordered – they are useful. It doesn’t matter if the whole street think the shoebox is exciting if you wanted a toaster.

Talent and clever is pretty much the same too. When I was young I was always called bright, clever, a bookworm – I was a geek before it was chic. It has been both a blessing and a curse. I am constantly amazed though by how many talented, able, competent people who always apologise for their ability.

I am amazed by the number of people that do not take the promotion, the presentation or the opportunity to sell their services because they think they are not clever enough. The people who have a real talent but apologise for what they cannot do. The list of their achievements is both long and lost as it blends into their day to day, because they occur day to day. They consider ordinary what others see as a superpower. These little victories remain uncelebrated, because they were just not that clever in school, they were just no good at drawing, or they were not very technical.

Coaches call these limiting beliefs and, in some cases, they are not just limiting they are crippling. They destroy businesses, steal dreams and leave a shedload of potential in their wake. Yet they are totally culturally acceptable.

We accept them because we like to put people in boxes. The athlete, the science nerd, the one that likes musical theatre. We think to be talented we had to be clever. Well guess what you are…you are clever. You are talented. Each and every one of you. The reason for this is that talent comes in many boxes. All the boxes look different. Yet each one is what you need right now. It is what you need to open, nurture and show to the world.

So if you want to find out what your box of clever looks like…think outside of the box and give me a call….we can start the journey together.

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