You Choose Your Actions, Your Actions Choose Your Life.



Have you ever fallen fowl of procrastination? If you have then you will appreciate the importance of decision-making in the moment, no matter what size the decision is. You may also appreciate that there is a hidden superpower held within these small decisions. Small decisions like whether to make a coffee and rearrange the filing for the hundredth time or to make a coffee and make that telephone call to your potential client, submit that report to your manager or take that item off your to do list.

The superpower hiding in these moments is momentum. Each decision that results in a win improves your motivation, takes you a step closer to the end result and makes you feel energised by your decision. By making the decision small, you also tap into a psychological hack used by salespeople everywhere…. you remove the jeopardy. If it is just an hour of your life it is easier to commit to it, if it is your whole career then it is a big commitment to make and this is where that fear can take hold.

In this fear, your brain tries to protect you. It distracts you with the filing when you need to get on and make that call. This is when you find yourself busy doing nothing or perpetually filing. Your brain will distract you with everything it can.

This is why it is really useful to set yourself a small time period, like 20 minutes and perform the task you fear the most. Then the next 20 minutes continue until it is done. Then begin on the next task. This fools the brain into thinking its just 20 minutes. It is nothing big, scary or life changing.

Very quickly this will add up…so this is why if you choose your actions then these accumulate to choose your life….so its time to grab the momentum in those moments.

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