Because Voices Don’t Come With A Manual

Very often my clients, friends or even just people in general will say things like, “It’s okay for you, you are confident. You are a public speaker, you are a trainer, so you are used to standing in front of the room.” It has not always been that way. I spent my childhood frightened to speak, and when I did speak I was ridiculed or told to shut up. I never shook the mantel of being my brothers baby sister, my mum could not see past her own pain to realise the pain she caused in others. No wonder I was the shy girl in school, quiet and alone. I was labelled as shy and a loner, I did not mix well or I was not engaged.

By the time I got to A level college I realised this would not serve me well. So, I learnt how to find my voice. How to answer questions in class, how to socialise and then how to be me and confident as an adult. It was something I learnt and practiced one step at a time. I did it gently and quietly, growing day by day.

I found my voice. Although I went on to become addicted to the drama of amateur theatre and public speaking, it doesn’t have to be taking to the stage that gives you the Hebei geebies. There are many times even the most confident of us are left holding our tongues when we really should speak up, or putting or foot in our mouth rather than just ask a thoughtful question. For some of us this is the norm.

We just don’t use our voice, we either don’t know how to, what to say or feel too intimidated to speak. It doesn’t have to be that way. Just because everyone has a voice, we take for granted that everyone knows how to get the best from it. Just like everything else, it is a skill you can practice, hone and learn. If I can do it, so can you.

So if you want to learn how to get the best from your voice, why not try a 30 minute discovery session? Book one in here, or if not convenient email for a better time.

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