Are Motivational Quotes Making You Mean?

are motivational quotes making you mean

Find yourself being mean, then it may be due to that motivational quote you printed off and put on your desk. That is why we are asking if motivational quotes make you mean.

Often you see a motivational quote and it will stop you, because it has a rah-rah effect or feels emotional. This is all great but, when you look again you actually realise it is not as helpful as it seems, or is completely toxic how do you feel?

I often feel deflated.  More often than that though, I feel deflated before the penny drops as to why.

The quote I hate the most is “Don’t ask permission beg forgiveness” which at first sounds great. It is a quote full of go for it and do not worry about what others think.  That in itself is good advice.  Follow your dreams not those that others hold for you is a good philosophy.  It will allow you to become authentic and true to you.

This is more insidious though, as how often do you have to beg forgiveness for following your life path?  If you do then maybe you need another path.

Firstly, regardless of your moral compass, if you hurt people on your way up, you can guarantee there will be no support on your way down.  Second, just how nasty would the world be without traits like respect, compassion, empathy?

Whilst chatting about this, a friend informed me it was used in a French corporate a lot, which is now a French ex-corporation as they went down the pan.  That sounds like karma to me.

If you want a motivational quote that tells you to do it your way but would like to do it with a little bit of milk of human kindness, then why not pick one of these….

He who is afraid to throw the dice will never throw a six – Chinese proverb

Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up – Isabelle LaFleche

Feel the fear, do it anyway – Susan Jeffers

This above all: to thine own self be true – Shakespeare.

Why does this matter?  Simply because what we tell ourselves becomes our reality. If you say to yourself other peoples’ feelings do not matter you will lose empathy.  Your motivational quotes make you mean if they tell you to disregard others. If you tell yourself you can be kind and still win, then you will win by being kind.  If you tell yourself, you can do something then you will find a way to do it…. if you lose that belief you will shy away from the opportunities available.

The same is true with your career.  If you tell yourself you cannot handle that presentation, then you will trip yourself up.  It is just your subconscious doing what you tell it.

If you want to be brave, are ready to take the next challenge in your career, but need a little help to speak up then book a clarity call and I will help you identify your next step.

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