Are Motivational Quotes Making You Dreadful?

are motivational quotes making you dreadful

Motivational Quotes making you Dreadful?

As a coach I love a good motivational quote as much as the next one…at the moment I share my desk with Isabelle Lafleche’s words.  “Your passion is waiting for your courage to catch up.” It fits my current mood.  This spot has also been taken up with Jim Rohn, Henry T Ford and Brene Brown to name a few.

This doesn’t mean that there is value in every short snappy sentence that makes you instantly feel a lift.  They can be as toxic as shopping on a credit card you can’t pay back. This month, focusing on mindset we are looking at how quotes can be bad for us and even make us mean.

This weeks unmotivational quote is

“If everything seems under control you’re not going fast enough.”  This was said by Mario Andretti, who is an American racing driver.  He is incredibly successful and exceptionally good at what he does.  It may well be that this attitude is what has driven his success. It could also have gotten him killed.

For the rest of us, it is probably not particularly useful. When we are feeling out of control, our goals slipping away from us we enter overwhelm.  This is a destructive state, they symptoms of which include procrastination, lack of focus and even feelings of dread.  These are not conducive to your success and are likely to spiral further out of control.

Don’t think control is good, try having debts spiral out of control, children spiral out of control or even just pets in a pickle and then you will long for the days when you had structure, a plan or simply be smooth sailing.  You certainly do not want the drama.

Instead of worrying about not going fast enough – compared to what? Why not plan to get there in steady, achievable steps.  You would not build an extension to your house without some contingency in the budget so why do it with your other goals?  Would you really want the roof to feel out of control?

Stop beating yourself up.  The fast lane is not for most people, even most extraordinary people.  Find your own lane – especially if it has not even been built yet.

So how about instead of “If everything seems under control you’re not going fast enough” why not reframe it to suit….”Inch by inch life’s a cinch” works for me.

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