Jewels Carter

 I am Jewels Carter and I will help you to career success through clever communication. Whether you are an analytical introvert, terrified first timer or an experienced speaker reaching out of their comfort zone I can help you speak clearly, confidently and cleverly.

I have been the shy schoolgirl, with the words stuck in my throat, starting what was to become an award-winning sales career.  I was the terrified first timer physically sick before giving the first speech in an award-winning public speaking career.  I have been the seasoned professional in competitions.  I have transformed myself from the moping moth into an award-winning butterfly and I want to help you to do the same.

Twenty-years coaching experience, after training with one of the UK’s most prominent coaching trainers, Fifteen-years corporate experience as a sales trainer, accountant and department head, ten-years as a public speaker and eight-years as a business owner. I can help you clarify why you need to speak, what you need to achieve and hone your message to help you speak confidently and effectively and progress to release your potential.  I have trained coached and mentored some of the biggest names in non-profit, health, telecoms and retail/hospitality to communicate their goals. Using one-to-one, group or virtual coaching and training I can help you achieve the same.

Don’t struggle to take the next step, let me help you find your clarity, confidence and content.  Voices don’t come with a manual, but I can help you identify the number one obstacle stopping you from having your ideal career.

Book a complimentary clarity call and I can help you to career success through clever communication.

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