5 Ways a Bad Career is Bad for your Health


bad health = bad career 5 ways your career could be making you unhealthy


You dread Mondays.  All day Sunday you feel an ever-growing tightening in your stomach, which continues all through Sunday night as you can’t sleep until 3 minutes before your alarm clock goes off and then you can’t wake up.  Did you think bad career, bad health?

You spend all day stressed, or even worse bored, eat lunch at your desk and then head home to crash in front of the television, exhausted and miserable.  You know it’s not fun, but do you also know it is not sustainable either?

Here are 5 ways your career crisis is creating a health crisis.

  1. Stress

This is the obvious one as we are bombarded with information about how stress leads to cancer, heart disease and mental health issues.  All of this is true.  Being stressed leads to poor choices, poor physical responses and a negative spiral that feels hard to get out of.

We can beat the stress, by addressing the problems at work head on, getting support from someone that has no vested interest (as often our family and friends mean well, but their involvement in the situation makes it all worse) and finding exercise or activities to vent that stress can all help.  It is okay to be stressed, but it is not okay to ignore it.

  1. Motivation

It is difficult to motivate you to get to work when your career is crap, but it also makes it difficult to get motivated to do anything else productive.  For example, you may find it harder to exercise, even though this helps deal with the stress of the situation.

  1. Nutrition

In addition to not feeling motivated to exercise you can also feel too tired and drained to eat properly.  This is not just about skipping an odd meal or eating at your desk, which whilst are not good they are just a first step into total reliance on comfort foods or foods that are quick and easy.

Good, balanced nutrition can help you feel less stressed and more resilient whilst you face your career woes head on.

  1. Social Contact

A lack of motivation also leads to social isolation too as you cannot be bothered to go to activities or talk to friends.  You may begin to feel disconnected from those around you and this can further stress you out as talking to a trusted confidante can make you feel much better and give you clarity on how to proceed.

  1. Perspective

As we have mentioned, allowing stress to continue creates a spiral of bad chemistry in your body, which your body now thinks is normal and will try and maintain.  The same is true of your mental resources.  If you allow the situation to continue you may forget what the situation was like before, how it felt and how you behaved, which makes it harder to change.

This is why you may find keeping things in perspective difficult.  This then leads to the feeling that you are trapped and cannot escape, or if you do escape it will be more of the same as it always is.  This is a lie, your lack of perspective creates.  It is also why it is important to take things head on and avoid denial.

So what can you do about it?

  • Step 1 Find an Aide.  This could be professional in a coach, counsellor or mentor.
  • Now Step 2 Analyse what your situation is and what your options are.
  • Step 3 Identify your Aim, and make a plan
  • Step 4 Action! Put your plan in motion, learning new skills including self-care ones.

Now you are ready to Accelerate into your future…

That’s where I can help. Book a coffee and I can show you how. I can help you feel supported, we can identify what is holding you back and what you want to achieve instead, and then help you put your plan into action. It doesn’t have to be a bad career, bad health.

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