5 Pillars You Need to Make it Count

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Once you have stood up and given your presentation it is all over, right? Well it is, but as with everything you get more out of it if you go the extra mile. This week’s blog is the 5 pillars you need to make it count.

  1. Identify Outcomes

The first step is to identify the goal for you and your goal for your audience. This means answering the question how do you want your presentation to change the audience? Do you want them to think differently and if so in what way?  You may also want the presentation to bring about a change in actions, behaviour, or attitude.

Conversely you may want the talk to bring about a brainstorming or problem-solving session about an issue and if so, what do you need your audience to understand?

Either way it is important to be aware of this impact and to have built in ways to achieve this.  Also, this will help you to evaluate if you have reached your goals and help you with the 5 pillars you need to make it count.


  1. Evaluate

It is important to evaluate what you have achieved, both to celebrate your results which in turn will spur you on, and to find improvements for your own development.  Remember this is an exercise in development and motivation, so do not be hard on yourself.

I often use the three W’s to evaluate myself, and I simply ask myself the following 3 questions.  What went well?

What would I like to do differently?

What have my audience taken away from this?

This gives you a solid foundation to build your skill upon and to develop throughout your career.


  1. Plan the Next Move?

Once you have an evaluation of your performance you can plan for your next steps, or at least know what you would need to do should you have to make a presentation again.  This should build upon the successes of the first plan and follow on seamlessly.  It should be a small stretch, as you probably will not want to go from a team meeting to presenting at a conference in one go.

  1. Call to Action

Your call to action is another way of saying what you would like your audience to do following your presentation.  It should be a more specific version of the outcome for the audience in item 1.  For example, if your goal was to stimulate discussion about a project, in your summary just before your killer ending you would tell them that when the meeting is over it would be good for the teams to be mindful of this issue and think about how it can be resolved. You could even suggest the team have a formal meeting about it.

If you want further contact with the audience then this is a good time to build in a connection point, or you can have them sign up to a committee, panel or even workshop to continue this process.

If they continue alone then you need to have given a way to evaluate if this has been done, or a measurement for the audience to know they have achieved your goal.  You can also use this as a measure of your efficacy and impact.

  1. Identify your next speaking opportunity

You have put in so much effort and achieved so much now is the best time to build upon that and identify where you can speak next.  You could volunteer to present to an expanded audience or offer to lead another small project to practice your skills.

The important thing to remember is that this is a skill which gets easier with practice, so the more opportunities you can find for yourself the better and more confident you will become.  This is just the beginning and will put you in people’s mind as the person that can get things done.  Your career will begin to shine once you get used to the spotlight. So you can use the 5 pillars you need to make it count along with the other pillars and your presentations will fly.

If you would like to begin your journey and learn how to speak to an audience, be it one or many, then the first step is to hop onto a clarity call and I guarantee we will identify your next step to unstick your career. Just click the link.



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