Find Your Pure Voice
Find Your Pure Voice
Because Voices Don't Come With A Manual

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Find Your Pure Voice
Find Your Pure Voice
Find Your Clarity
Do you always get what you want? Of course not, but do you come close? If not do you get what you ask for? Do you even ask at all? Many people find it difficult to ask for what they want, they either ask in a vague way or not ask at all. This leaves the respondent guessing how they need to comply and you hoping you get what you need. Which you don’t. Then you get frustrated, depressed and fail to see the outcomes you have worked so hard for. The first step is to know what to ask for first. If you don’t know what you want, not only will you not know how to specifically ask for it, but how will you know when you have got it?
Have you ever thought I should have said that, but could not quite muster the courage? Have you sat in a meeting and known the answer everyone is grappling for but been too scared to speak? Have you avoided giving presentations or pitching for your perfect job because it’s just too scary? Do you avoid telling people what you want or how you feel because you don’t want to upset them, only to find they really upset you? Then you need to find your voice. Everyone has a voice, but we don’t really know how to get the best from it, so think of confidence coaching as like a manual for your voice.
Do you have a presentation to give in work and you want to impress? Do you need to onboard more clients? Increase income? Reach more people? Do you want to talk to your team not at them? Do you find yourself in conflict in the workplace? Then you need to hone your communication skills. Whether it is your first time in front of an audience, or you are a seasoned professional and need to find your edge, then Pure voice is what you need. Communication underpins everything, especially our success, in the workplace


Take a short course, take a step in the right direction!


Helping you find your pure voice, with clarity, confidence and pure communication to find your pure life.


Jewels Carter is an award-winning speaker and trainer and has been coaching for nearly 20 years in both a business and personal capacity. As a coach she helped many clients find their voice, whether dealing with a difficult situation, a special presentation or onboarding their own clients. If you need to say something, Jewels will help you say it right.
Sales Trainer

Sales Trainer

After graduating with a degree in nutrition, Jewels enjoyed an award-winning sales career, before training others in the competitive telecoms sector. Throughout her time in sales Jewels prided herself on bringing the highest ethical standards to her work, which she carries with her today. That is why she has helped even the most scared clients face their fears and say what they need to say with confidence.
Award Winning Public Speaker

Award Winning Public Speaker

Following her career in sales and along with her coaching business Jewels managed an accounts department and coached business clients to start successful businesses or turn their business around, making it profitable whilst keeping it heart centred. Whatever your needs Jewels compassionate, no fuss approach will gently hug you over your fear and help you take the next step.

Find your Pure Voice Now

Voices don't come with a manual, but you can get a guide


I’ve been working with Jewels on making a career change. She is fantastic at recognizing where you’re at and what it is that you need to hear. She is helpful, supportive and, at the same time, honest and direct. She’s a brilliant coach who genuinely cares for you. Plus, she delivers real and tangible results. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Anna E


After Jewels' sales training we went from no clients to a wait list for the first time ever. I had always been scared to think of myself as my business sales person, but Jewels' felt like she was giving me a great big hug as she gave me the confidence to contact strangers and bring them on board. Her sales letters provided lots of warm leads and I soon found that sales was neither scary or unwanted. Don't hide from selling your business, hire Jewels

Andrea K

Relocation Services CEO

Jewels began coaching me with my business plan but soon we realised my lack of progress was because I was not talking honestly to the people supporting me. Now I say it as it is, knowing I can be honest without being brutal, and as a negotiation not a confrontation. My people issues now resolved I can concentrate upon my business. Jewels is tough, insightful and took no excuses. Just what I needed to stop taking excuses from my helpers.

Dawn C

Boutique owner

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